Les Heures-Encre

by Wendy Pillonel (29 min.)

Production Peacock Film in coproduction with the Master of Arts in Film ZHdK


FRANK (42) sets himself on fire at his workplace in protest against the indecent working conditions imposed by the company. At the base of this tragic event, two stories begin.

The first story is about Frank’s wife, LEA (38) and their son VICTOR (10). When she learns that her husband has committed suicide, Léa goes on holiday with Victor, to whom she does not reveal that his father has died.

In the second story, we follow IGOR (55) an employee of the company. He discovers Frank‘s body and steals the protest letter written by him. Igor is torn between the desire to deliver the letter to Léa and the necessity to hide its existence in order to avoid problems at the factory, thereby keeping him from losing his job.